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Unveiling The Ultimate Wedding Trends For 2024

2024 is here! As we bid adieu to 2023, we are excited about what the wedding season of 2024 bring us. From fashion to festivities, menus to parties – 2024 is predicted to be bigger, better and more fun than 2023. So why don’t we dive into this world of trends and see what 2024 has in store for us?

WOW Moments

Image via Birch Event Design

Creating those larger-than-life moments is going to be big in 2024. A grand floral décor, an artistic installation or a superbly unique food station – all of these can be ideas to wow your guests. If you are someone who loves OTT décor or even looks, this is going to be the year to do it!

Sizzle Reels

Image via Layer CineWedding

Gone are the days when couples want long and lengthy videos to go up on the gram. 2024 will see sizzle reels, which are 90-second highlight reels for the wedding or even smaller 15-second reels of a special moment. These are perfect for Instagram and the longer version of the wedding film can be for the selected fam only!

Going Local and Green

While 2023 did see a remarkable number of guests opting for local products and vendors and even going sustainable, the trend will grow stronger in 2024. From composting to virtual invitations to limiting waste as much as possible with things like decor; couples are interested in a sustainable wedding day.

Curated Wedding Menus

Image via Pinterest

Gone are the days when you had every cuisine under the sky in a buffet arrangement. 2024 is going to be about curated menus with specific customizations to different food preferences like vegan, non-dairy, gluten-free and so on. You are also going to have unique cuisines like Peruvian spreads, Kashmiri dawats and more. From food trucks to signature cocktails – everything is going to be designed to wow the guests.

Mini Cakes & Dessert Bars

While everyone loves their sweets, bite-sized treats make everyone go gaga. Not only can people indulge in more varieties. Along with that, couples are also going to opt for unique desserts. Freshly baked cookies, dessert stations for hot churros, refreshing popsicles for summer weddings and even dessert bars are going to be a hit in 2024!

Fun Ideas For Guests

Image via Pinterest

2023 saw the emergence of fun ideas for guests that go beyond favors and games. 2024 weddings will see more amazing ideas like interactive mirrors, AI photobooths and more. Get inspired by these fun ideas here and here!

Mini Everything!

Image via Palwasha Rizwan Takkhar

Mini kaleeras, mini designer bags – 2024 is going to be a world of mini everything! They are delicate, dainty and we are loving it. 

Audio Guest Book

Image via Pinterest and Sachi and Jay

This is a great idea for guests to leave couples a special message. Extra credit for adding adorable decor to your welcome table!

Bloom Bars

Image via Pinterest

Want your guests to take home some gorgeous flowers? Have a bloom bar at your 2024 wedding and trust us, it will be a hit!

Themed Events

Image via Sanya and Rahul

Don’t confuse them with themed outfits. Themed events are thematically planned events like a Bridgton mehendi or a Jungle disco cocktail night. 2024 will see such stunning themed wedding events that will blow your minds!

Wedding Day Content Creators

Image via KJ Photoworks★ 4.8

This new trend is emerging and will lift its head in 2024. Many couples are hiring content creators to create wedding reels and content from professional content creators. This way they get viral content and they don’t have to worry about it!

Music Fest Style Sangeets

Image via Altair

Couples are embracing the music-fest style sangeet theme everywhere! This not only allows you to play with a theme at your sangeet but makes for a fun night out. You can pick from popular music fests – Coachella, Sun Burn – and make it your own! 

Creative Wedding Invites

Image via Mubarak Studios

Wedding invites are going from fab to wow in 2024! From royalty-inspired scroll invites to fun interactive ones, its going up to the next level.  Here are some of the best ones that wowed us in 2023.

Unique Bar & Alcohol Ideas

Image via Sakshi Sidhwani

Now this is something so cool we spotted recently- balloon shots! What if you have guests downing shots that are tied to helium balloons and then letting them up in the air? That is such a cool idea! It’s interactive, fun and makes for the most Insta-worthy pictures! This and more unique alcohol / bar ideas are to be expected in 2024!

Planned After-Parties

Image via Fotowalle – The Story Folks★ 4.9

After parties at weddings meant partying at the hotel suite or maybe continuing the party after hours. Couples are now planning crazy after-parties in smaller venues close to the original one with comfortable outfits or even PJs to party the night out. Snack stations like maggi, cookies and popcorn stalls are available to party on!

For the record: trends come and go. We want you to have whatever wedding you find fun!

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