“Explore a curated selection of unique wedding invitation designs that you’ll love. From elegant to modern styles, these invitations set the perfect tone for your special day. Discover the best styles here.”

Many lookouts for a wedding invitation card which is completely unique in their own way. We believe that ideal wedding invitation wordings should reflect your wedding style or how you are as a couple etc. But if you are finding it difficult to craft such an invitation that looks superb and at the same time provides guests with the information they need in the most unique style, then fret not as you are at the right place.

We have come up with some examples of unique wedding invitation cards to get your creativity flowing as we know that many couples would want to create a bespoke wedding invitation that would compliment their style.

Passport Invite style 

If you’re planning a destination wedding, lean into the travel aspect. Give them everything they need for the big trip (date, time, details) all stamped onto a cute passport design. It’s a creative wedding invitation idea they’ll love.

Message in a Bottle Invitation

If you’re searching for a unique wedding invitation for your beach nuptials, consider this creative idea. Send your guests a message in a bottle. It will be fun for them to open it, and they’ll want to save it as a keepsake afterwards. Preview the sample at home and then place your custom order.

Custom Graphic Invitation card

Get a drawing of you (the couple), a map of your wedding’s location, your furry friend or your favourite flowers. It will make for a unique wedding invitation your guests will cherish.

Venue Illustrations Card

Get your guests excited about your wedding venue by including an adorable illustration of it. The work of art will stand out against text-only invites in the mail.

Comedic Checklist Card

Wedding invitations don’t have to be formal all the time . If you’re a laid-back couple, your invites should reflect that. Consider these unique wedding invitations, which comedically detail the events of the day.

Plantable Paper Invitation Card

What’s more unique than eco-friendly wedding invitations, right? These amazing looking invites are printed on seed-infused biodegradable paper so your guests can plant it in their yards after they’ve returned the RSVP.

Acrylic Art Invitation

Here’s a unique wedding announcement idea: consider acrylic invites instead. Print your details on a clear piece of acrylic for an exciting wedding invitation alternative your guests won’t forget. They can proudly display the work of art in their homes until the wedding day arrives.

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