Bridal henna trends never fail to amaze us! Even when the brides had to move towards a smaller celebration due to the pandemic, they ensured to put enough thought behind their unique bridal mehndi designs. We were wowed by both picturesque storytelling and classic, traditional designs! So, instead of simply gazing at the sheer gorgeousness of these patterns, we rounded up 40+ easy and beautiful designs for the front hand that’ll make you fall in love.

To make your search easy and quick, we have divided the front side mehendi designs into the following categories. What’s better than saving time amidst the wedding planning hustle!

  • Simple Front Hand Designs
  • Traditional Front Hand Mehndi Designs
  • Personalized Mehndi Front Hand Designs
  • Arabic Front Hand Mehndi Designs
  • Dulha Dulhan Front Hand Mehndi Designs

Simple Front Hand Designs

With intimate weddings, we saw a lot of nouveau brides going ahead witH easy and beautiful designs for the front hand! Ever since the pandemic, weddings have been all about keeping it dainty & SMALL, and that’s why such mehndi patterns beautifully blended into the celebrations.

Here’s a glimpse of easy front hand mehendi, that you should save!

Add a personal touch to your henna design with something that you both love, take cues! 

This mehendi design has our heart! We love the personalised touch and how despite being so intricate, one can easily DIY this one. 

Parrots galore

We’d lie if we say we didn’t save this front mehandi design for the cutesy parrots! If you’re planning a coronial wedding with all things offbeat and pretty this is how your mehndi should look like.

For the love of Roses

This mehndi design can be easily applied by anyone who knows the basics of henna art! While you can experiment by adding more around the wrist (in case you hire a professional), we’re totally in awe of this one. Add it to your ‘Mehendi Pinterest Board’ now.

Swooning over the aesthetics

Right from the little figurines to the matkas and mix of lines and dots, this unique mehndi design caught our attention for obvious reasons. It spells magic and we think no bride can say ‘NO’ to this one. Pin it to your ‘front hand mehndi designs for engagement’ mood board already?

Nail it with Mandala

A mandala front side mehndi design looks absolutely classy and elegant! And it is the easiest of them all. If, as a bride, you don’t wish to go extra with the henna application, save this.

Not every day do you spot a beautiful front hand mehndi design serving major inspo

This easy mehndi design for the front hand is slightly more elaborated than the one above, for the bride who wants a mix of simplicity with a dash of extra.

Adding uniqueness to your modern mehndi mood board

Who said personalised mehndi cannot be easy to design?

Keepin it minimal

Oh, you thought we were done with it? Just before we were to about wrap this up, we spotted this easy front hand mehendi with lotus details. So, had to share it!

Traditional Front Hand Mehndi Designs

Who doesn’t love a traditional mehndi front hand design? The vibe can never go out of the wedding trends and the timelessness is bound to tug at your heartstrings. Scroll down to check out our favorites!

Aren’t you digging the beauty and simplicity of this one?   

If you want your traditional front side mehndi design to be simple and spaced out, you won’t be able to ignore this.

Isn’t this front hand mehndi design absolutely stunning?

What’s not to love about this design? The intricacy has just left us speechless!

A fresh front mehndi design like this?

What do you love more – the royal essence of this design or the intricacy?

Can’t find enough words to describe this one

We can’t get over the intricacy of this royal front hand mehndi design. What about you?

Oh boy, the jaal beauty

We’ve all grown up witnessing net henna designs but the charm of this one totally left us floored! Like or love?

Gazing at the intricacy

A traditional front mehndi design that is both easy and beautiful! We’ve literally lost the count of elements that we managed to spot in this one. 10? Are we right?

Can’t get enough of this one

Imagine this front hand mehandi design with a bright red choora? WHOA, surreal!

This one’s next level

Sometimes all a traditional henna design needs are attention to detail!

Personalized Mehndi Front Hand Designs

The essence of adding a personal touch to your mehendi is so special! Be it your wedding hashtag, your initials, or your proposal story (yes, brides are getting this recreated, too), it instantly makes your bridal henna stand out. Dive in to witness a few personalized front side mehndi designs that left us awestruck.

Capture your favorite people’s essence in your henna design. How adorable is that?

Having your girl-gang on your henna? SO CUTE! 

This henna design is absolutely adorable and bound to make you say ‘awww’

Got a furry-friend that you love? Then this one is apt for you.

This one with small little elements that are lovely!

Small little elements along with that floral pattern is a sureshot winner!

In awe of this bespoke bridal henna

This bride wanted her love for dance (Garba/Raas Dandiya) and her fiancé’s love for cricket to be incorporated into her mehndi design. And oh boy, look how it came out!

Swooning over this front hand mehndi design with unique elements

And our list of beautiful designs for the front hand grows! From wedding bells, a PlayStation console, and a racing car, to a maple leaf, this bride wanted elements of her choice designed on her hands and it turned out to be perfect.

One with the portraits

Wow! This bride got the portraits of her & the groom designed in her bridal mehendi and we love it. Only someone with exceptional skills can actually give you such good results.

Worth the love

This bridal henna depicting the couple’s long-distance relationship made us shed a tear or two!

This one’s for the details

This bride added a chant close to her heart in her front hand mehendi, and what better and auspicious way to enter into wedlock!

‘You’re the Chandler, to my Monica’

If you and your partner are F.R.I.E.N.D.S addicts, you wouldn’t think twice before saving this front mehandi design. BTW, this one trended a lot on Instagram.

Those long phone calls!

We love how this bride included her parents, the wedding hashtag, and so many adorable bits in her bridal henna.

A medical love story, with medical details!

This personalised, royal front-hand mehndi design is self-explanatory. We’re just curious to know more about their starry-night proposal.

Arabic Mehndi Front Hand Design

If you’re looking for a sign to ditch the traditional mehndi designs for a whisk of fresh air, this is it! Arabic bridal mehndi designs are synonymous with modernity, and the blend of floral artwork with geometrical shapes results in one-of-a-kind designs. It’s time for some ARABIC inspiration, brides-to-be.

With its intricate design and beautiful motifs, this one has captured our hearts. 

This mix of jaal, flowers, and edgy strokes will easily amp up your intimate wedding look! Also, no more sitting for 5-7 hours to get your bridal henna done.

Talk about fun details of your relationship, and this henna design ticks all the boxes.

That cards design and personalization has left us speechless, uff

We’re here for the details

We bet the stain of this one is going to be awesome!

Nothing says surreal like this Arabic mehndi design

If the Arabic aesthetic suits your taste, then it looks like we just found the perfect front-hand mehndi design for a bride.

Blown away by this one

We’ve never seen an Arabic mehndi design with such intricacy! This one’s bound to fetch you compliments.

One with a peacock

Those bold peacock motifs look absolutely exquisite and prove to be a stellar example of the prettiest Arabic mehndi design.

Eyeing those shaded flowers & leaves

This is what our Arabic henna dreams are made of. Unique, to say the least!

That dark stain, though

If you thought the Arabic henna pattern could not be intricate, think again. The choice is yours, to go with a ‘bel’ or an entire hand artwork.

How can we miss the ‘bel’

This pattern is an integral part of the front Arabic mehandi design. If you think it is too simple for a wedding, we’re totally cheering for this one on a Roka!

All images via Pinterest

Dulha Dulhan Front Hand Mehndi Designs

Looking for a way to add a royal touch to your bridal henna? Nothing beats the charm of a wedding celebration being included in your mehndi design. From doli motifs or baraat procession to varmala sequence or simply, the bride and groom figurines; the magnificence is unmatched! Before your scroll further, we’d remind you that these royal front-hand mehndi designs take about 5-6 hours to apply but it’s worth the wait!

The intricacy of this one has our heart 

Love how this front-hand mehndi design depicts dulha-dulhan figurines right from the engagement to the wedding day, weaving a beautiful story eventually.

This queenly mehndi for the front hands is a must-save

On02e of the prettiest and simple front-hand mehndi designs with bride & groom art!

Bride & groom figurines for the win

Your mehndi design can be this extra for a small wedding or a big fat one!

Oh, so divine

Image via Pinterest

We don’t know why, but bridal henna with a ‘jaimala exchange’ depiction makes us go weak in the knees.

Hard to miss the opulence

Image via Pinterest

Right from the bridal entry to jaimala and then the vidaai, this royal mehndi front hand design got everything covered. Look no further, screenshot this one now.

To grab ‘em eyeballs

Oh my, this full hand mehndi design is custom-made for a queen. And well every bride is a czarina on her special day, so why not!

Zoom in a little

By now you must have fallen in love with this mehndi idea, just don’t forget to BOOKMARK this one!

This one scream regalia

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