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Seven Promises Every Parent Should Make to Their Children

As a parent, the responsibility of raising a child is a huge task. There is no manual on how to be the perfect parent, but making promises to your children can help strengthen the bond between parent and child. Here are seven promises every parent should make to their children to ensure a happy and healthy upbringing.

Promise 1: Unconditional Love

  • Importance of expressing unconditional love to children
  • How unconditional love fosters a sense of security and self-esteem
  • Ways to show unconditional love on a daily basis

Promise 2: Respect

  • Definition of respect and why it’s important in parent-child relationship
  • Teaching children to respect others, including parents, siblings, and elders
  • Ways to modeling respect for children to emulate

Promise 3: Support

  • Importance of providing emotional support to children
  • Being present for important moments, both big and small
  • Helping children with their goals and dreams

Promise 4: Patience

  • Reasons why patience is important in parenting
  • How to remain patient in difficult situations, especially with young children
  • Teach children about the importance of patience and delay gratification

Promise 5: Clear Boundaries

  • Setting clear boundaries for children
  • The reasons why clear boundaries are necessary for children’s development
  • How to communicate boundaries to children

Promise 6: Honesty

  • Importance of honesty in the parent-child relationship
  • How to model honesty for your children
  • The benefits of raising honest children, both personally and communally

Promise 7: Time

  • Making time for your children in your busy schedules
  • The importance of quality time and undivided attention
  • Activities and ways to spend quality time with children


In conclusion, parenting is a journey with no clear cut path, but making promises to our children can set the foundation for a strong and loving relationship with our children. These seven promises — unconditional love, respect, support, patience, clear boundaries, honesty, and time — can guide parents as they navigate their way through parenthood.


  • What if I break a promise to my child?
  • How do I talk to my child about why certain actions are not acceptable due to boundaries?
  • How can I help my children prioritize their goals and dreams?
  • How can quality time help strengthen the parent-child relationship?
  • What are some common parenting mistakes that violate the promises?

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