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Honeymoon Hotspots Under A 7-Hour Flight from India!

Before boarding a flight, do you feel that nervousness and adrenalin will hit you up like a Tsunami? It might sound crazy but long flights are a drag. They are tiring, monotonous, and kill-joys! Especially for honeymooners who are waiting to get away from all the wedding planning madness and dive into adventure. But should that deter us from taking that honeymoon? Nuh-uh!

We found you honeymoon destinations to international locations that are under 7 hours from anywhere in India and about 6-hours away from New Delhi via flights. How fun is that? And also, as an added bonus, we have also added flight costs as of April 2024 from Delhi.

Tblisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is a beautiful city with a rich history and culture, making it a great honeymoon destination. You can explore the medieval architecture of Old Tbilisi, visit the Tbilisi Opera House, or take a day trip to Mtskheta, an ancient city that was once the capital of Georgia.

Best time to visit: May-June or September-October

Flights from Delhi: Round trip from Delhi will be INR 40,000 per head


From exploring iconic landmarks like the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque to cruising along the scenic Bosphorus, couples can create unforgettable memories together. Indulging in Turkish cuisine, relaxing in luxurious spas, and shopping in bustling markets add to the allure of this vibrant city. With its convenient air connections from Delhi within a 4.5-hour flight, Istanbul beckons couples seeking a perfect blend of culture, romance, and adventure for their honeymoon getaway.

Best time to visit: April May and September October

Flights from Delhi: Round trip from Delhi will be INR 41,000 per head

Paro, Bhutan

Paro, in Bhutan, is a wonderful honeymoon spot just a quick 2.5-hour flight from Delhi. It’s a peaceful valley with stunning views all around. Couples can visit ancient temples like the famous Tiger’s Nest perched on a cliff. You’ll love the lush greenery, clear rivers, and snowy peaks. Enjoy yummy Bhutanese food, go for scenic walks, or just relax in this beautiful place. It’s perfect for a romantic getaway where you can create special memories together.

Best time to visit: March to May and September to November.

Flights from Delhi: Round trip from Delhi will be INR 49,000 per head


The newest trending destination that is only 4.5 hours away from Delhi! Baku sits at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, blending Eastern and Western influences. You can explore historical sites like the UNESCO-listed Old City (Icherisheher), which dates back to the 12th century, and marvel at modern architectural wonders like the Flame Towers. For our lovebirds, Baku offers stunning views, especially along the Caspian Sea waterfront. Watching the sunset over the sea or admiring the city skyline at night can be incredibly romantic.

Best time to visit: April to October

Flights from Delhi: Round trip from Delhi will be INR 30,000 per head


Almaty, nestled amidst the majestic peaks of the Tien Shan mountains, offers a picturesque and unique honeymoon experience. With its blend of modern amenities and natural beauty, couples can embark on unforgettable adventures such as exploring the scenic landscapes of Medeu or indulging in romantic strolls along the shores of Big Almaty Lake. The city’s vibrant cultural scene, delicious cuisine, and rejuvenating spa retreats provide the perfect backdrop for romance. With flights from Delhi to Almaty taking only 4.5 hours, it’s an easily accessible yet enchanting destination for couples seeking an off-the-beaten-path honeymoon retreat.

Best time to visit: April-May and September-October

Flights from Delhi: Round trip from Delhi will be INR 27,000 per head


Sri Lanka, just a short 4-hour flight away from Delhi, beckons newlyweds with its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, making it an ideal honeymoon destination. From exploring ancient temples and UNESCO World Heritage sites like Sigiriya to indulging in romantic beachside retreats in places like Mirissa or Unawatuna, couples can create unforgettable memories together. The island’s warm hospitality, flavorful cuisine, and adventurous activities such as wildlife safaris in Yala National Park or scenic train rides through the tea plantations of Ella add to the allure of this tropical paradise, promising a perfect start to a lifetime of shared adventures.

Best time to visit: December to March

Flights from Delhi: Round trip from Delhi will be INR 31,000 per head

Palawan Island, Philippines

Your little piece of heaven! There’s a lot you can do on a Palawan Island tour- dive into and experience the most exotic and beautiful coral reefs up close at the Tubbataha Reef national park or plan a quick trip to EL Nido for some thrilling adventure sports!

Did you ever think there would be an underwater river in one part of the world, and you’d be able to experience it? Yeah, we neither! So head over to Puerto Princessa to know what we really are talking about!

Best Time To Visit: Early March

Flight charges: Round trip prices starting from INR 48,000 approximately

Boracay, Philippines

With stunning white sand beaches and dreamy sunsets, this small island in Philippines will be the perfect place to get those postcard shots for your Instagram feed! The 4-km long White Beach is where all the action happens-  from local bars, hotels, and restaurants, to fancy shops and more, and of course the stunning beach views and it’s offerings, you’re going to be thoroughly entertained. But don’t stop just here- go beach hopping and explore the 13 picturesque beaches of Boracay and their turquoise waters. Oh, and don’t forget the pub crawl! *winks*

If you happen to visit around May, experience Laboracay, the island’s biggest summer party celebration- What to you get to be a part of? Festivals like dragon boat racing and the International Dragon Boat Festival!

Best Time To Visit: May or around Christmas and New Year.

Flight charges: Round trip prices starting from INR 48,000 approximately

Hua Hin, Thailand

Calling all sports fanatics, history buffs, nature lovers, shopaholics and food-lovers- Hua Hin is tailor made for some fun, relaxing times by the seaside! The gorgeous beaches here are going to win your heart over- guys, be prepared for days of sun tanning, beach massages and walks in the warm sun!

This quaint, cultural town is also called the Mecca for Gold enthusiasts- immerse in a day of golfing at breathtaking landscapes. If you’re on the lookout for an exotic, culturally-rich vacation, or craving for an escape to a city blessed with abundant natural beauty, we say you place your bets on Hua Hin. A must-try to truly experience the beauty of Thailand!

Best Time To Visit: Between November and February

Flight charges: Round trip prices starting from INR 48,000

Kep and Rabbit Island, Cambodia

Be ready to be surprised! If seafood is your weakness, this former French colonial resort town will win your heart! Spend a night or two (maybe even three) here for mind-blowing traditional crab dishes, or hiking around town- just pick a trail and explore! You can also drive around Kep National Park on a bike for some stunning views of Kep, Kampot, the ocean, and even Vietnam’s Phu Quoc island!

The quaint town with its vivid history also has stunning art deco mansions overlooking the sea. End your trip by taking a ferry ride to Rabbit Island- once here, find a shack, claim a bed, and soak in the beautiful sea views on a hammock with a beer in your hand!

Best Time To Visit: Mid December to early March

Flight charges: Round trip prices starting from INR 48,000

Moscow, Russia

Welcome to one of the most vibrant European capitals- be ready ‘cuz a lot of color and culture is going to come your way! Moscow is perfect for travelers looking for history, with a dash of fun! Stop by the heart of Russia’a capital- the cobbled streets of Red Square surrounded by stunning architecture and well, basically almost everything that a history-buff can ask for! Next up, soak in the sunshine and some hot cappuccino at Arbat street’s countless cafe’s and souvenir shops.

And just when you are done with the tourist-y things, make a stop at Gorky Park- outdoor dancing sessions, beach volleyball, rollerblading along with segway and boat-rentals during summers, and one of the city’s biggest ice-skating rinks in the winters, there’s something for everybody here! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to hop on the Moscow metro for a ride too!

Best Time To Visit: April and May

Flight charges: Round trip prices start from INR 57,000 

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Pick somewhere different to go for your next adventure. Like, really different! How about sleeping on-board a cruise in the middle of limestone formations, and floating villages? If you get an urge to dive into the emerald clear waters of Halong Bay for a quick swim- we’d ask you to not resist!  Diving and kayaking are among other water sports that you can indulge in.

And in case you’re on a culinary expedition, this Vietnamese island will not disappoint! The authentic cuisine, with its rich seafood delicacies like crab, clams, prawns, lobsters, lamprey and more, is a must-must try!

Best Time To Visit: April to September

Flight charges: Round trip prices start from INR 32,000

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