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Behind the Scenes of an Indian Wedding: Secrets, Challenges


  • Historical and cultural significance of Indian weddings
  • A sneak peek into the grandeur and festivities

Pre-Wedding Preparation

  • The engagement ceremony: rituals and traditions
  • Choosing auspicious dates and timings
  • The role of astrologers and priests in wedding planning
  • Traditional dress code and jewellery for bride and groom
  • The art of henna and mehendi application

Wedding Invitations and Guest List

  • The significance of wedding invitations in Indian culture
  • Selecting and designing invitations
  • The art of creating a guest list
  • Dealing with conflicting opinions and family dynamics

Venue Selection and Decoration

  • Specialty of Indian wedding venues
  • Themed décor and innovative ideas
  • Importance of stage and mandap decoration
  • Budget constraints and challenges

Food and Catering

  • Importance of food in Indian weddings
  • Different types of wedding cuisine
  • Selecting the right catering service
  • Menu planning and food presentation

Music, Dance and Entertainment

  • Role of music and dance in Indian weddings
  • Types of traditional music and dance performances
  • Arranging live entertainment
  • The art of creating the perfect playlist

Bridal Apparel and Bridal Party

  • The significance of wedding attire in Indian culture
  • Bridal and groom preparation for the big day
  • Dressing the bridal party
  • Accessory selection and makeup

Ceremonies and Rituals

  • The importance of marriage rituals in Indian culture
  • Understanding the different rituals involved
  • The role of the priest and family members
  • Conducting the ceremonies smoothly

Photography and Videography

  • The importance of capturing memories
  • Pre-wedding and post-wedding photography sessions
  • The art of cinematography
  • Creating the perfect wedding album and video

Challenges and Risks

  • Financial challenges and budget constraints
  • Managing family dynamics and expectations
  • Handling unexpected situations
  • Avoiding societal and cultural backlash


  • Recap of Indian weddings and its significance
  • The ultimate triumph of love


  • How long do Indian weddings last?
  • How many rituals are there in an Indian wedding?
  • Can one attend an Indian wedding without an invitation?
  • How far in advance should wedding planning begin?

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