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“75+ Beautiful Sabyasachi Lehengas Seen on Real Brides – Bridal Style Ideas”

Pastel and Ivory Lehengas

Pastels are trending hard these days especially for day weddings, and if there is one designer who doesn’t disappoint when it comes to pastels is Sabyasachi, although we feel reds are more his forte. Here are some brides who rocked GORGEOUS pastel lehengas on their big day, which we definitely loved!

This one that’s just ethereal

This sage green lehenga is making some noise and for the right reasons! It’s simply stunning!

This beige and black lehenga

This understated lehenga with the contrasting dark border is such a pretty one which we feel is going to become immensely popular this year.

This ivory beauty that has our heart

Ivory, ivory, ivory. We aren’t getting bored of this any time soon, and this one is a fantastic pick!

This dusty lilac Banarasi beauty

Loved this one the moment we spotted it, and it’s so easy on the eyes while being a delightfully offbeat bridal colour.

This pink Banarasi version that’s delightful too

Not a fan of offbeat- then this beauty in pink is so subtle and gorgeous too!

This dainty pick

The lights shade of green, which looks elegant and classy.

This one that’s a forever fave

We loved her lehenga when we spotted it – she was one of the firsts to rock a white Sabya lehenga and go viral. Love it till date!

This pretty peach beauty

This one seems to be very popular, with so many brides rocking it! Looks pretty for a day wedding and is still trending!

This one with the contrasting border

This is one we haven’t seen on too many brides- but love the happy pop of colour that the contrasting border adds!

The ‘Anushka Sharma’ one that’s still pretty popular too

The Anushka Sharma Sabyasachi Designer lehenga gained a lot of popularity since the wedding. Pastel pink became one of the favorites amongst brides!

Florals that look so happy

Pastels and Florals? What a combination! Love this stunning piece by Sabyasachi that immediately pops a smile to every face.

Pastel pink daintiness

Pastels have our heart so why not flaunt it everyone? This gorgeous piece by Sabyasachi is perfect for a day wedding.

This pastel prettiness

We love how pastels have become a fav choice amongst all the brides. This bridal lehenga is beautiful in its own way.

This one with the pretty dupatta

Subtle gold and pastel that’s so elegant

Some sage green that’s so offbeat

Another timeless lehenga in a unique hue which had our heart from the get go!

This gorgeous hue!

Is it ivory, is it eggshell or is it off white? Love this dainty pick by the bride!

Red Bridal Lehengas

The red Sabyasachi lehenga is iconic- it’s a modern day bridal staple, and so many brides choose it for their big day. Red is a timeless bridal colour, and here are brides who have picked a red Sabya lehenga for their wedding!

Vibrant and how!

Haven’t seen this one on too many brides, but it looks elegant, especially with that tomato red hue and the blouse with the butis.

This red timeless lehenga

This has been a very popular red Sabyasachi lehenga with brides, and it’s not hard to see why! So twirlable and pretty!

This one styled so uniquely

LOVE how this bride styled her Sabyasachi lehenga so uniquely with the floral printed dupatta, adding her own personality to the lehenga.

This one that’s new

Haven’t seen this one on too many brides, and it’s the perfect blend of modern and traditional.

This plain one that stands out and how

A plain lehenga for brides who want to wear red, but they want something modern that stands out- a perfectly minimalistic Sabyasachi lehenga, if there was one!

This red that’s regal

A beautiful lehenga for a palace wedding, this one has a regal vibe to it with the pretty red and gold embroidery.

This red lehenga that’s all over

Possibly one of the most popular (and pretty) red Sabyasachi lehenga- this one hits all the right notes!

This version of DP’s lehenga that’s a hit with brides

Another extremely popular lehenga over the years which still continues to be the choice of so many brides!

Katrina Kaif’s Red Sabya lehenga that’s massively popular too

A typical red Sabyasachi lehenga which photographs so well- love everything about this one!

This pretty red lehenga with butis

A pretty find- very modern, and something we haven’t spotted on too many brides.

This one that’s a popular pick by brides

The work on this one stands out, and it does photograph beautifully.

This one in red that’s vibrant!

Something that’s like a variant of Katrina Kaif’s bridal lehenga, which still continues to be popular with brides!

This one that has such a contemporary vibe!

Very modern, and very chic!

Mouni Roy’s lehenga with the lotus motifs

Now this one is very twirlable, and the lotus butis do stand out beautifully.

Banarasi and red is always a good idea

Love the blouse on this one, which adds such a vintage feel to the lehenga.

This one that’s the same as Deepika Padukone’s bridal lehenga

Want to go a bit lowkey with your lehenga? Try a plain blouse with a heavy skirt to match your dream look.

DP’s ‘Dil Guldasta’ which is really popular with brides

Florals are one of a kind just as the famous designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee and we’re absolutely in love with this bridal lehenga, which became sooo popular with brides.

PeeCee’s monotone lehenga that continues to be popular

She was ahead of her time with monotone red, which continues to be so popular with brides!

This plain yet elegant pick

 Loving the idea of wearing Sabyasachi jewellery with this plain lehenga. Definitely a piece to take inspiration from!

Regal red and velvet

Now this is what we call the classic Sabyasachi designer lehenga. The colour red goes hand in hand with bridal lehenga which proves the fact everytime just as we see in this image.

This oldie that’s still a goodie

A very typical red Sabyasachi lehenga that aged well!

Bright Pinks

Pinks while a popular bridal shade doesnt really dominate when it comes to Sabya lehengas, but we have seen a few brides rock it over the years!

This fuschia freshness

On our D-Day we wear pink, which has become the motto for every bride who wants to look different on her special day. Well you’ve got this amazing Sabyasachi lehenga to take inspiration from.

This Benarasi stunner

This Benarasi Lehenga by Sabyasachi is an absolute idea of class and elegance. Subtle colours and minimal jewellery, what more do you want?

Multicoloured benarasi weaves

Another Banarasi lehenga to win our hearts. Something so contrasting yet a treat to the eyes pulled off beautifully by the famous Sabyasachi mukherjee.

This bright pink deliciousness

This bride wore a pink version of popular red lehengas at the time, and it’s still super pretty!

Maroons & Deep Reds

Maroons have not been super popular bridal shades in the last 5 years or so owing to the fact that pastels came to the fore- but it’s still a statement bridal shade that Sabyasachi also does well!

This floral marsala lehenga

A one of a kind lehenga we spotted which had a gorgeous printed train dupatta.

This vintage Sabya that’s timeless

True vintage- so much so that this lehenga was fashionably worn again by the bride’s sister years later!

Deep burgundy & velvet


Her lehenga made quite the statement when she got married and is a nice pick for a regal palace wedding.

Monotone maroon that’s classy

This Sabyasachi lehenga expresses actual class when we see it. Dull gold jewellery blending so well with the dark maroon shade. *goosebumps*

Offbeat Bridal Lehengas

So not just reds and pastels, Sabyasachi does some stunning offbeat bridal lehengas as well, which are like no other! Here are some of our favourites!

This stunner

Now if that’s not a show-stopper, we don’t know what is!

This blue Banarasi that has our heart

Such a beauty, especially for a beach wedding.

This tangerine lehenga which seems to be immensely popular

Now this apricot-hued lehenga has also become super popular, and with that delicious shade of orange, not hard to see why!

This multicoloured one that stands out

A panelled stunner that stands out and how!

This gold lehenga that packs a punch

Gold lehengas have also been having quite the moment, and this one does steal the spotlight!

Dull gold that’s so unique

Now this is one lehenga we spotted on so many brides a few years ago, but it looks so molten and pretty.

This gorgeous one in burnt orange

Go a little over the place with your choice of colour and this Sabyasachi lehenga will definitely give you a push to do so.

This pink and green wonder

Pretty pick for a tropical wedding, this one went along with the vibe and theme of this wedding so beautifully.

This bride’s yellow Sabya lehenga that reminds us of sunshine

This sunshine lehenga is something we haven’t really spotted on any other bride, and it’s this uniqueness that makes it so special.

This green lehenga that’s enchanting

Beautiful threadworm and contrasting colours makes this Sabyasachi lehenga such a delight!

Something so offbeat

This comes across as an extremely unusual piece yet looks so remarkable.

Some teal goodness

Another eccentric colour to choose as your bridal lehenga. Watch out for the pastels as vibrants have also started trending in the charts.

This one with so many colours

Confused between many colours to choose from? Why not combine them all into one just as we see in this pretty image.

Turkish Rose that sounds as pretty as it looks

One of the most unique shades we have ever seen. This sabyasachi designer lehenga is here to make its mark.

This one that’s so different

Gold that expresses beauty and power at the same time. This sabyasachi lehenga is so so elegant and pretty!

Light Sabyasachi Lehengas

Here are some pretty Sabya lehengas we spotted on real brides that are oh so stunning for the mehendi , engagement, reception or sangeet!

This lehenga that Katrina Kaif wore on her mehendi that’s still so popular!

Now this is one lehenga we have seen on Katrina Kaif and still see on so many brides! It’s got a beauty like no other which makes it such a happy pick for the mehendi!

Multicolour for the win!

Her Royal Highness vibe with this stunning multi coloured Sabyasachi lehenga almost every girl’s wish come true.

This chevron lehenga that had quite the moment- on mehendis and weddings!

This multi shaded Sabyasachi bridal lehenga is one of the most trending and loved these days for all the brides to not choose one colour but to shine in all.

This one that started our obsession with panelled lehengas

Another panelled beauty we spotted and loved a couple of years ago!

This printed lehenga that doubled up as a bridal one

Go for the prints is what this image is shouting. We absolutely love the combo of a printed skirt with an embroidered blouse to make your bridal lehenga one in a million!

This velvet lehenga that had quite the moment

This velvet lehenga and it’s variant gained quite a lot of popularity, and while velvets may come and go, this still looks fab!

This glorious pick

Another mind blowing Sabyasachi designer lehenga that gives a boho vibe. Absolute stunner with the out breaking border but simple on the fabric.

Tangerine that’s so darn happy

All merry and bright is what this lehenga expresses, brides, you’ve got some serious digging to do on those colours.

Who knew mustard could look so good!

This is a beautiful Banarasi lehenga that we fell in love with for that beautiful honey mustard shade- such a nice pick for the mehendi or the haldi!

Candy pink that’s so happy!

Another lehenga that was super popular back in the day, but has aged so well!

This contrasting floral beauty

Florals will always be a thing and this bride justified it by wearing a sabyasachi bridal lehenga with a tinch of Banjaran look

This glam pick

This bride looks like an absolute diva pulling of the unusual corset blouse with a subtle gold and ivory lehenga.

Velvet and blue for a Sangeet

Perfect for a winter function. Rock it by wearing a velvet lehenga in an unusual colour.

This one that’s fresh and summery

Vibrance and Happiness, two things a bride must always carry just like this cute and pretty contrasting sabyasachi lehenga. 

This one that reminds us of spring!

The contrasting patterns, yet so trending. Go for offbeat colours and prints with contrasting blouse to make it the best of both worlds just like this lehenga by Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Midnight blue that’s so glam

This royal blue lehenga with butis on the skirt looks so girly and stylish

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