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7 Unique Wedding Themes That We Are Obsessing Over!

Weddings are levelling up. It’s no longer limited to colours and traditional themes, couples are taking it a notch above with out-of-the-box themes. Picture unique decorations, awesome dress codes, and a whole lot of fun. These themes are about making your big day stand out and giving your guests an unforgettable experience. We’re totally into it! It adds a special touch to the event and makes sure everyone has a blast. It has to be a memory for a lifetime. So, we rounded up our favourite wedding themes that we are totally obsessing over!  

Jungle Disco

We’ve heard jungle themes and disco ones, but when you mix them together, you get one hell of a concoction. This theme was for an engagement event, and it was so fun. From the wild décor to the sparkling outfits, this theme was on point. The best part is that your guests will wear something fun, making for amazing photographs. You can pick this theme for a wild cocktail night too!


While the show takes our breath away, this theme has been gaining popularity over the last year. Based on the show ‘Bridgerton’, this theme is all about old British style events with floral detailing, pastel hues and an overall classy theme.  

Botanical Marrakesh

A mix of two stunning themes – botanicals and the gorgeous location of Marrakesh. Think of botany with prints! Great for mehendis and haldis or even weddings, this theme is all about the power of intricate prints with the play with florals.

Sitcom Theme

Couples are getting more creative by the day and creating themes that guests can enjoy. The sitcom theme allows you to pick one or more sitcoms that your guests can dress up as. Décor can be elements from the sitcom, like the famous orange couch from ‘Friends’ or the ‘Rose Hotel’ from Schitts’ Creek! How fun is that?

MET Gala

Every year the MET gala pulls out all stops to decide the theme. But our brides have given it some real competition with MET gala as the theme! You can roll out the red carpet for your guests, have them dress up in gowns and tuxedos and have a paparazzi set up that will make the whole theme even more spectacular.

Dolce Vita

When your theme means ‘a life of pleasure and luxury’, what else does an Indian wedding need? This theme is all about the good things and luxurious décor set ups. This wedding had this fun tangerine-themed Dolce Vita setup that we loved!

Location Based Theme

This theme allows you to pick your favourite location or place as a theme and do an entire event around it. If your first meeting was at an iconic location like Paris or even London, you can have a Parisian-themed event. Take a cue from this couple’s ‘Peggy’s Café, London’ theme where the entire event revolved around their favourite café in London!

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