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20+ New Mangal sutra Designs for the Millennial Bride

One of the most important ornaments for a Hindu bride is a mangalsutra. Made from the Hindi words ‘mangal’ and ‘sutra’ meaning an auspicious thread, this ornament is symbolic of the bride and groom’s marital status. Apart from holding a very significant part in a bride’s life, a mangalsutra has become a statement piece of jewellery for millennial brides. And even though a traditional mangalsutra design has black beads, designers these days have really experimented with the designs and made something unique and personal for every bride. 

From a diamond or gold necklace to a bracelet and ring a mangalsutra has become very versatile, so if you’re looking for some latest mangalsutra design inspiration we’ve got you covered! Scroll through.

1. Kiara’s Minimalistic Wonder!

If minimal and millennial are your go to styles, this stunning style that Kiara’s donned, is absolutely perfect!

2. Bvlgari Mangal sutra For the Modern Bride

The Bvlgari Mangalsutra is made of 18ct yellow gold, featuring round black onyx inserts and pave diamonds. It gives a modern twist to a traditional and sacred ornament. The black beads are believed to ward off evil spirits, and the Roman coin adds a touch of power and prestige. This Mangalsutra is deeply rooted in culture, yet it’s a classic choice for a modern bride with cosmopolitan aspirations.

3. Alia’s Trending Infinity Mangal Sutra

Image and Mangalsutra via Caratlane

The Infinity mangalsutra started trending as soon as it was spotted on Alia Bhatt. This one is cute and super wearable for both indo-western as well as ethnic oufits.

4. A Sabyasachi Mangal sutra that makes a statement

Image via Madhura and Veer

This real bride invested in a statement Sabyasachi necklace for her mangalsutra, while her husband got a bracelet!

5. Double Layered Beauty!

Image via Pinterest

If you love the black beads twice as much, you can go with this double layered design that is absolutely spot on.

6. Katrina’s Sabyasachi Stunner!

Want to go designer with your mangalsutra? Apart from Bvlgari, Sabyasachi does a gorgeous design that Katrina donned on her wedding day!

7. A Pretty Monogrammed Mangal Sutra

Image via Diai Designs

Since the mangal sutra is a representation of the union of two souls, why not have their intials monogrammed into the design?

8. Unique Sun and Moon Design!

Image via Pinterest

This one is unique and so gorgeous!

9. A Minimal Yet Beautiful Butterfly Motif Mangal Sutra!

Image via Pinterest

Looking for something that you can wear with everyday work wear as well as ethnic? This butterfly motif design is so perfect!

10. You Cannot Go Wrong with a Solitaire Diamond Mangal Sutra!

It’s a great way to create a set – a solitaire ring, earrings and a diamond solitaire mangalsutra!

11. Silver Beauty!

Image via Ornate Jewels

How stunning is this?

12. Knot Style Love!

Image and Mangalsutra by Caratlane

As you tie the knot with your loved one, say yes to this knot-style mangalsutra too!

13. Single Diamond Mangalsutra

Get this one from Carat Lane here

Get this one from Carat Lane here

Simplicity speaks volumes, now we know! If you’re not a fan of elaborate mangalsutras, then we say you go for a solitaire like Deepika. It’s chic, it’s minimal, and goes well with everything! You can also add a single black or gold bead on either side of the diamond to keep up with the traditions.  

14. Zodiac Sign Mangalsutra

Via Usheeta Devnani Rawtani

What can be more gorgeous and personal than a personalised zodiac sign mangal sutra design. Actress Sonam Kapoor designed her own mangalsutra, and had hers and Anand’s sun signs incorporated in it, along with a solitaire.

15. Single Floral Mangalsutra

Get this one from Carat Lane here

If you’re a bride who wants to blend a bit of tradition with style, then this design is the perfect match for you. And the best part is this flower pendant can be styled with any outfit, whether Indian or western.

16. Multi Flower Mangalsutra Design 

Get this one here

Get this one here

You can never go wrong with flowers. There is a very delicate and unique touch to it, and trust us when we say this, multi flower mangalsutra designs are evergreen and will always be in style and trend.

17. Drop Mangalsutra

Get this one from Carat Lane here

This is the most unique design you will ever come across. One of the main reasons we liked this  short mangalsutra design is because it is unlike any other shape that we have seen previously for Mangalsutras. A sleek chain, with an unconventional design- that’s more like a millennial bride’s choice!

18. Diamond Locket  Mangalsutra Design 

Via Instagram

Nothing can beat a diamond mangalsutra right? Set on a thin gold chain with black beads and the end, this statement design is from the ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. And we must say this design is a dream style for the bride-to-be’s out there.

19. The Royal Bengal Mangalsutra

Via Instagram

Who wouldn’t like a stunning mangalsutra design by everyone’s favourite designer Sabyasachi. Made with uncut diamonds, emeralds and rubies this design is one of the latest and a bride’s favourite design.

20. Gemstone Drop Mangalsutra Design

Get this one from Cadere here

Via Instagram

If you like to keep your jewellery very minimal and don’t want something too OTT then this is the one for you. Not only is it lightweight & unique, it is also suitable to wear on a daily basis too! 

21. Heart Mangalsutra

Get this one here

We all know that a heart is a symbol of love and what better way to show your love and commitment than by a heart shaped mangalsutra design. This is something which is not just eye-catching, but also in style. And we’re sure you’ll look amazing in this!

22. Evil Eye Mangalsutra Design

Via Instagram

Get this one here

Get this one here

If you want to attract all the positive vibes and luck, this design is all you need. Not just that, this design can protect you from all the negative energies as well.

23. Two String Mangalsutra Design

Get this one here

Now that’s one fresh design we spotted off late! This one exudes truckloads of fusion feels and can be easily worn in dress-up and dressed down situation. Can we just add it to ‘new mangalsutra trends’ to look out for?

24. Rose Gold Mangalsutra Design

How Cute Is This Lock & Key Design?

Image and Mangalsutra by Caratlane

We love when designs get experimental and go cute. Just like this lock and key mangal sutra design is!

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