Weddings E-Invites are so 2024! Yep, they are sustainable, they are pocket-friendly, and most importantly, the downtime to customizing them is phenomenally amazing- next to nothing! And when it comes to inviting wedding guests, slowing becoming the more preferred option, as it is always available on hand! Seven Promise has on offer some amazing E-invites, for every kind of couple! Capturing the essence of the wedding, our e-invites should definitely be on your radar! Here are some gorgeous static invites- some of our most popular ones- from quirky caricatures to those with elegant illustrations that are sure to wow you!

Loving Paradise


Sweet William


Bird of Charm


Majestic Hues


Carnation Wedding




Blossom Blush


Feather Touch


Royal Tusker


Coral Caricature

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Scheduled Castes (SC): 187 Biodata – Only in Rs. 50

Rajput & Thakur: 114 Biodata – Only in Rs. 50

Jat Communities: 45 Biodata – Only in Rs. 50

Punjabi & Arora: 141 Biodata – Only in Rs. 50

Brahmin Communities: 187 Biodata – Only in Rs. 50

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